Eastfield, Gillshill and Thanet Shine at Year 1/2 Quadkids Athletics!


The Pre-Start Quadkids Athletics event is an introduction to athletics for school children aged 5 – 7 years old in years 1 and 2. During the event all athletes compete in a 50m sprint, 300m middle distance run, standing long jump and a mini-vortex howler throw.

Every single attempt in all four track and field events is recorded and combined to give an overall team score for each schools team. We had a fantastic turn out of 35 school teams on the day and over 280 athletes taking part. Eastfield’s ‘A’ team took home the Gold medals with a total points tally of 1619, closely followed in 2nd place Gillshill (1525) and Thanet’s ‘A’ team in 3rd (1496).

The fastest sprint came from an athlete from Eastfield who ran their 50m sprint in 8.41s, with Griffin Primary Schools top sprinter coming a very close 2nd place with a time of 8.51s. Thanet Primary and Eastfield Primary dominated the 300m run with both schools getting 4 athletes in the top 10 finishing positions with times under 1m 10s. Mersey Primary Academy athletes acheived the top two distances in the standing long jump event with distances of 1.90m and 1.82m. In the vortex howler throw, an athlete from Bellfield Primary School threw an amazing 30.4m, a massive 4m further than the second placed thrower from Eastfield.


Year 1/2 Hull Active Schools Quadkids Champions

Year 1/2 Hull Active Schools Quadkids Runners Up

Year 1/2 Hull Active Schools Quadkids Third Place


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