Goalball Festivals!


The Beacon at the new Hull University sports centre provided the perfect setting for our annual primary school Goalball festival. Goalball is a team sport devised specifically for blind athletes, it is one of only a small handful of sports which features only in the Paralympics and does not have an Olympic equivalent. However, some comparisons can be made to handball or football.

Hull Active Schools include these festivals as part of our offer and Goalball is fully inclusive event, with sighted students wearing a blindfold to take part! Thank you to the schools who attended during the day and for working together as a team to learn how to play and compete against other schools!

Francis Askew, Spring Cottage, Clifton, Pearson, Christopher Pickering, Bellfield, Thanet, Craven and Biggin Hill!

The match of the day has to be given to Spring Cottage vs Francis Askew. The highest scoring game with a final result of 6-4 in favour of Francis Askew!






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