Maybury March On To Victory!



Nuffield Health Centre

Over 130 primary school cricketers and 16 school teams took part in two separate Indoor Kwick Cricket events at Nuffield Health Centre on Wednesday 6th and 13th December 2017. These events were delivered in partnership with the Yorkshire Cricket Board.

Wednesday 6th RESULTS

Cavendish primary school remained unbeaten throughout the first event and walked away as the champions of the day. Spring Cottage finished runners up with Longhill closely behind. All three schools had representatives in an ‘All Stars’ squad who finished in 4th.

Wednesday 7th RESULTS

RESULTS – Indoor Kwick Cricket

After an initial group stage; Eastfield, Thanet, Collingwood and Maybury progressed through as group winners to compete it the Semi-Finals. The second and third placed teams played one more match in the play-offs. The semi-finals both went in favour of the underdogs and set up an exciting final between Maybury and Collingwood primary schools, both in their first school final of the academic year! Maybury held strong and beat Collingwood 241-206.


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